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No trigger warning for this one.

So Neema is leaving California and it seems he is sad about the affair. But we do get a nice video as a result of this leaving. The video shows all kinds of levels of skating which we guess reflects Neema’s group of friends.

Sidenote, San Francisco does always look great on footage doesn’t it?

Check out more of Neema here.

Neema Joorabchi is someone who has been sending in his videos for a while some of which we posted before. But this is a video that will take his endeavors to another level.

The skating is really good, the filming is as well and the music was selected not just dragged and dropped into a adobe premiere sequence.

We strongly suggest you check out Neema’s work and we are looking forward to what is next.

This edit cam in the mail with the message: ” New edit I put out” and a youtube link. We watched it liked it and now we are posting it for all to see.

Buon Appetito! Everybody’s Favorite Food Skateboards – also known as Pizza Skateboards – released a new video that, on first glance, might be a little too short to call it a real full length, but skating-wise it deserves this attribute for sure. When already traveling to Europe, I personally might have chosen Italy to produce the video of a company named after the most well-known national dish next to spaghetti, but apparently the guys gave their preference to Spain like almost everybody at the moment. However, luckily there is one simple rule: You can find good pizza everywhere!

Featuring Jesse Vieira, Chase Webb, Michael Pulizzi and Ducky Kovacs.